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In this short but genuinely unique sales training resource, the author uses a clever method to tell HIS story. After completing the book for the first time, my initial thought was that it reminded me of a film about the making of a film. In this compelling little book, the author uses story telling to teach the reader how to create personal stories they can use in any sales situation. But here's the clever part. He subtly utilizes the techniques he's teaching throughout the book. The result is that when the reader finishes they've not only learned a new skill but they've seen it in action. And all in just over 100 pages!

I would recommend Unique Sales Stories to anyone who trains sales people – especially those who've "seen it all".

Bud Elsea
Bud Elsea Productions, Inc.
Former Director of Education, Financial Planning Association
Norcross, GA

Mark Satterfield's Unique Sales Stories fills a void in professional sales literature. He explains the importance of sales stories and then shows exactly how to create and use powerful stories to increase referrals. This book will be particularly useful to people in professional services. Mark's style is clear and concise. This book is packed with really useful information.

Donley Townsend

In "Unique Sales Stories," Mark Satterfield delivers. I immediately had the sense that the author is genuine, has found and fairly mastered his unique voice, and has paid his dues; and thereby has positioned himself to truly be helpful. Effectively using the very techniques he advocates, the power and veracity of his message is conveyed by example.

Satterfield makes the case that many of us already know, which is that "facts tell, but stories sell." Thankfully, he doesn't stop there. He actually goes on to explain the process and then gives several real life examples. He explains that the most effective sales stories have three key elements: a problem; a character or characters to whom prospects can personally relate; and a context, within which the other elements are placed. The use of emotion and dialogue is noted as important.

Satterfield rightly emphasizes how essential it is to understand and engage in relationship-building; and he has some superb observations about the essential elements that make for effective websites.

Mark Satterfield has written a small volume with a powerful message. He covers some basics in a fresh and accessible way, and gives some real conceptual and practical depth and breadth to what he recommends. Unlike many who outline what needs to be done, without offering much in the way of how to apply, utilize or incorporate the information, Satterfield enables the reader to actually experience his insights, and then be able to replicate them in a way that can be made relevant to the reader's unique situation and character.

This small book contains some very valuable information, and is extremely readable and accessible. I highly recommend it.

Linda Compton

Lean how to end the constant sales jargon we tend to use whenever someone asks us what we do. I was able to use Mark's "Three Key Elements" right away to create an outlined draft of my own sales story in about twenty minutes. Very practical reading.

Frank Whitcomb

We all know that sales stories are powerful tools for accelerating the sales process. The problem is that we don't use them enough. Mark's Unique Sales Stories provides a practical structure and process that's quick and easy to apply to any sales situation. Highly recommended!

Sheri McConnell,
CEO-Smart Women's Institute of Entrepreneurial Learning

Mark Satterfield nailed it! He really showed the importance of stories so you can be remembered and get more clients.
As a small business owner, his information is invaluable, especially in this economy. I highly recommend the book to anyone who wants to build their business.

Linda P. Jones

The author really delivered on his promises for this book. I learnt the value of stories for my business and how to incorporate story telling into my sales and marketing team. Lots of great examples, and well worth the read. Great job Mark!


Concise, to-the-point tale of the value of telling stories about your company, your service and yourself. I discovered my own shortage – and opportunity! A good read.

Dave Eckstein

If you are like me, when you read the book you will be amazed with how simple and powerful the ideas are. I'm already incorporating them into my business and appreciate how the author does more than just talk about the ideas–he actually includes a bunch of examples which help to bring it all together.

Josh M. Mcginnis "Josh M"

I've read all of Mark's books over the years. He has always provided very practical, direct and "real world" advice and information. This is by far his best book and would recommend it highly to sales departments and sales managers.


I read "Unique Sales Stories" twice and now use it as a reference tool as well. I recently met Mark and that was my incentive to read his book. I was eager to learn how he would deliver on his premise of using sales stories to help one:

1. Get more referrals
2. Get more leads
3. Close more business

After reading the book I am convinced that using stories will help with all three. For me, reading the book twice has solidify my understanding of how to use stories for referrals and leads. My current area of focus is to use Mark's premise to improve my ability to close more business. Between the examples, the essays and the detailed instructions I am confident that I will learn from the book how to do this as well.

Paul Terlemezian

As soon as I finished this book I flipped back to the beginning and started paging through it again, to review the notes I'd scribbled throughout. This is a great explanation of the concept of using stories — and also a useful outline of the kind of structure that works. I'm having a great time creating my own stories.

David Z

Mark not only outlines the 'why' of telling 'Unique Sales Stories' but the 'how', as well. Those who can craft and relate a powerful story make for memorable encounters while others quickly fade from memory. This book is worth owning, if for one chapter only – "The Million Dollar Secret: Putting It All Together" – with a step-by-step approach to not only creating your own sales stories but but how and where to use them. A powerful addition to your business library…but read it before you put it on the shelf to ensure you're getting all the leads and sales you deserve!


Mark Satterfield does it again! All of his books are succint, useful, and most of all it is an easy read. I definitely recommend that you read this book if you want to improve how you win life customers.

Laura "lksatty"

Great information for networking presentations. Easy to read, with good practical suggestions for improving your ability to get your story across. Highly recommended.

K. Lewellyn

Mark has always been very adept at explaining the "How" part of Marketing and that has been very useful, but he also explains the "Why" it is so which is a powerful combination for the reader. If you only read the first half of this book, you would gain more understanding from Marketing in general than many other more voluminous books on the subject.


At an early age we are introduced to stories to help us learn; what is important to know, what matters to us , and what can thrill us to our core. Mark reminds us of the power of stories to interest, entice, and thrill our prospects to action. More importantly, he gives us a primer for building our own stories that help turn prospects into clients. So go ahead, read, learn, prepare and tell me your story.

Bob Trouteaud

Mark Satterfield's book, Unique Sales Stories finally helped me to understand how to communicate to my clients in a way THEY will understand. He breaks down the process on how to create your authentic voice and the read is interesting and informative. Not dry and dull like most sales books. I give this book the highest praise!

Marian Massie

I loved this book. There is no question that if someone implements the basic ideas outlined, they will dramatically improve their sales results. The author taps into some of the timeless principles of memory, which recognize the basic truth that people don't remember facts as well as they do remember well-developed, carefully-planned stories. The book shows you how to develop sales stories of your own, stories which focus on your customers' needs and will make you stand out from your competition. The approach is fresh and relevant because it shows you how to implement its principles within the context of today's fast-paced, computerized, web-site-oriented, business environment. Anyone who sells a product or service will find this book gives them the tools they need to re-calibrate and significantly improve their current marketing effort.

John Frisbie

As a veteran of the business arena for many years, the value of stories continues to be the best way to convey a lesson, an idea or a benefit. Stories go back in history, for hundreds of years, as the only way to provide a legacy of lessons and actions. Very few books show us the way to creating OUR stories, especially for business applications. Mark does an excellent job of building the case for the use of stories, follows it with the framework of creating your own, and finishing with many clear examples of what has been created by others. A "well-worth-it" read if you plan on taking action.

The CEO Coach

Just like this book, I'm going to make my review short and sweet. I highly recommend this book. The author does an excellent job of explaining the process of creating sales stories. Plus, he includes plenty of sample stories to make his point.

JD Robin

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