Million Dollar Sales Stories - How Leaders Sell

Exclusively for business leaders, sales teams,
consultants and advisors who want to…

  • Better differentiate themselves from the competition.

  • Motivate prospects to take action.

  • Get more referrals.

  • Build a stronger emotional connection with clients.

  •  Brand themselves and their company as a leader in their industry.

Whether you’re persuading others in print, one-on-one or in group presentations, what you communicate, and how you communicate it is the difference between an engaged paying client, and one who says “Let me think about it and get back with you.”

Content is King
and the key to great content
in any selling situation are
the stories you tell.

Join Mark Satterfield, the author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller, Unique Sales Stories: How To Persuade Others Through The Power of Stories, in an interactive, content rich one-day program that will equip you to out-sell and out-market, your competition by leveraging the power of stories to brand and sell your products and services.

"As a veteran of the business arena for many years, the value of stories continues to be the best way to convey a lesson, an idea or a benefit. Stories go back in history, for hundreds of years, as the only way to provide a legacy of lessons and actions… Mark does an excellent job of building the case for the use of stories, follows it with the framework of creating your own, and finishing with many clear examples of what has been created by others."
The CEO Coach

Our promise:

Give us one day and we’ll not only teach you a powerful structure for creating great sales stories, but you’ll leave the event with a minimum of 3 great sales stories, fully developed, good-to-go and ready to use the very next day.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

  • How to get more referral and word of mouth business with Million Dollar Sales Stories.

  • The 6 components of a Million Dollar Sales Story. How to craft your message.

  • Creating stories that communicate why you’re good at what you do and how you’re different.

  • How to use stories to stay in touch.

  • How to use stories to sell without being obvious or salesy.

  • The “Believability Factor”. How to use stories to build trust and credibility.

  • How to put benefits into your story without saying, “These are the benefits of working with me.”

  • How to create stories that get you remembered and referred by those you most want to do business with.

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May 17th Atlanta GA
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"I love the quality of the referrals I get, I just need more of them. Since I started using Mark s Unique Sales Story system I've gone from 2 referrals a week to up to 15. In my type of work that s a HUGE jump!"
Sandra Tyler-Financial Planning


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