How stories get you on the first page of Google

I was talking with my friend Jeff Hopeck of Killer Shark Marketing about Google and it's ever changing algorithm that determines which websites get on the first page.

The two main variables have historically been links and content. They're both still important, but the emphasis is now heavily tilting towards content.

And not just any content.

Nope, unfortunately taking one article, blog post or twitter feed and just reposting it over and over again won't get you high in the rankings. In fact it may hurt you.

If you want to get highly ranked, the focus today is on Original Content. That's great news for those of you who are creating sales stories about the success of your clients, stories that address concerns and objections, and stories that communicate the values of your brand.

However, simply creating original content is only half the battle. I'd estimate that most everyone can write words that communicate a message. That's not difficult. But, the reality is that it's also not enough.

If you're in this game to win, you need stories that persuade and engage. That's the key to not only getting your site on the first page of Google, but also how to motivate people to take action. When you accomplish that, then you've got a stealth marketing system that gets you both visibility and high conversion percentages. 

Content is King.

Speaking of which, I'm opening the doors for an intimate seminar I'll be conducting here in Atlanta in May. The goal of it is to work with a small number of you on crafting your "Million Dollar Stories". If that sounds like something that might be of interest there's some information HERE.

Maybe I'll see you in Atlanta next month. That would be fun.

Talk soon


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2 Responses to How stories get you on the first page of Google

  1. Eugen Ghita says:

    I can't attend. Thank you and good luck and fun
    Kindest regards
    Eugen Ghita

  2. Timothy says:

    Thanks for a great post Mark,could you tell me a little more about reposting your content in various places,I have heard others say it will boost your post up in the rankings. I would love to hear more on this subject.
    Timothy Eller

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