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Here’s How To Use Stories To Persuade Others


Why Are Sales Stories So Critically Important?

Here’s What Fortune Magazine Says…

A few years ago, Fortune Magazine decided to do an article on top sales and business developers. The question they set out to answer was; Why are some people so good at acquiring new business, while others never achieve their potential?

To find out the answer, the writers interviewed two-dozen top sales and business developers across a broad spectrum of industries. Among those who were interviewed were financial advisors, insurance producers, CEOs, executive recruiters and a wide variety of consultants and high-value services providers. Here’s what they learned.

The most successful sales people sell without it ever being apparent that they are in fact, “selling”. There’s nothing obvious or obnoxious about their presentation. They sold, but they sold invisibly.

So what exactly does “selling invisibly” mean? How did these top performers go about building trust and credibility? How did they overcome often deep-seated skepticism? How did they persuade others to their point of view?

The one thing in common was…They All Used Stories.

Lots of stories. Stories that preemptively addressed objections or concerns. Stories that demonstrated how others had successfully achieved results. Stories that made it easy for others to refer them to their friends and colleagues. Stories that built credibility and reduced skepticism.

Good marketing and sales stories paint a picture.They enable us to visualize things that are incredibly difficult to grasp otherwise. They make us want to learn more.

Excellent sales stories don’t scream, “I WANT TO IMPRESS YOU.” They don’t scream, “BUY MY SERVICES NOW.” Rather, the gifted sales storyteller takes the reader or listener on a journey. And if the story is well constructed, at the end of the journey, we’re going to be impressed. We’re going to be interested. We’re going to want to take the next step in the sales process.

“Stories are the most effective low-pressure method for selling your
services and getting people to remember who you are.”
Tom Henderson, Adamark & Associates Financial Services.

Thus, if we want to attract a steady stream of new clients without hard selling, we need to create a series of great marketing and sales stories.

Unfortunately there are myriad surefire ways to torpedo the effectiveness of your stories

• Focusing on details rather than on benefits.
• Telling stories that ramble and fail to make a point.
• Delivering stories that aren’t remembered.
• Inadvertently conveying stories that raise concerns rather that address objections.
• Communicating stories that sound canned and lack believability.

Which is why Gentle Rain Marketing Inc. is pleased to introduce to you our Unique Sales Stories Sales Training Program. This one-day seminar is customized and conducted on-site at your location.
Here's Just Some Of What You'll Learn
How to get more referral and word-of-mouth business with Unique Sales Stories.
The 6 components of a Unique Sales Story. Here’s how to craft your message.
Creating stories that communicate why you’re good at what you do and how you’re different.
How to create different stories for your website, networking events or presentations
How to use stories to build trust and credibility.
How to use stories to stay in touch.
How to use stories to convert prospects into actual paying clients.
Selling Invisibly through the power of unique sales stories.
The “Believability Factor”. Make sure your unique sales story builds trust and credibility.
How to put benefits into your story without saying “These are the benefits of working with me.”
How to address objections and concerns.
How to create stories that get you remembered by those you most want to do business with.
To Request Additional Information and an Overview Of The Unique
Sales Story Sales Training Program Please complete The Following:


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